Most recently, in 2010, a University of Montana college radio DJ named Dave Martens began collecting the music and stories of rock and roll throughout Montana. Together with fellow DJ and music collector Collin Pruitt and a group of rock loving friends, Martens organized “Lost Sounds Montana” – a historical archive and cultural celebration of the music, art, and stories of Montana musicians beginning with Chan Romero in 1958.

Lost Sounds Montana seeks to compile and release their first collection of original Montana music from the late ‘50’s and ‘60’s on a limited release 12” vinyl record – and make the digital counterparts available for people to hear and download via the web. Using an evidence-based scholarly approach, Lost Sounds Montana will painstakingly research and retell the rich contexts related to the music, art, and stories from Montana music past. This process will ensure high quality and accurate representations of this important part of Montana history.

We love Montana. We love Rock and Roll. We love the community that emerges in this place with the rockers who live here. We want to celebrate those who rocked before us and their wild accomplishments.