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Lost Sounds Montana (LSMT) invites anyone with memories, flyers, photos, recordings, or historical artifacts of any kind related to Montana Garage Rock music of the ’60’s to participate in our historical archival / celebration project!

Search through our growing collection of Lost Sounds artifacts and see if there’s anything in that lockbox up in the attic that we do NOT have! At first… this will be easy! But go ahead – let’s get this Rock Collection Started!

Take a nice photo or scan of the piece and send it to us with a short description of the piece, where it comes from, and tell us a little bit about it

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Perhaps you have some

  • sound recordings of Montana garage rock musicians from the 1950’s or 60’s? 
  • flyers from events featuring Montana bands from that era?
  • photographs of local area shows or created to promote musicians or acts
  • memories that you have from attending a show that can be paired with a LSMT featured artifact?
  • historical artifacts of any other kind that can be realistically connected to Montana Garage Rock in the 1950’s or ’60’s?

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3 Comments on “Introducing The Lost Sounds Montana Community Wiki!

  1. I just read the “Lost Sounds” piece in the Indy.

    I’m originally from Kalispell, MT, and went to college/lived in Missoula for almost 10 years in the late 1960s and through the

    I have memories of some of the late 60s bands; Yellowstone was all over the place, and the now-famous Mission Mountain Wood Band was to become the “in” band in the 1970s there, especially at the Aber Day Kegger and the now-mythical
    Blackfoot Boogie. There was a band out there at the time called Blackfoot too. Another band of the era from Missoula was
    Dave Purrington’s Lost Highway Band. Don’t know if he’s still around or not. Most of the Mission Mtn. boys are still alive
    at last count–some might still be in Missoula. Their ‘lead’ singer and all around nice guy was Terry Robinson of Kalispell–I went to hight school with him–and Terry died in a plane crash in the mid-1980s. His younger bro Bruce stands in for him at reunion shows.

    A truly great band of the era was Dee Daniels & Brown Sugar. They were a late 60s phenom. Dee is still alive and I believe
    an alum of the U of M music dept. The alum mag had a great piece on her 8-10 years ago. She’s a gifted African-American
    musician and singer. She was lead singer in Brown Sugar and I believe the rest of the band were white, frat-type boys. They were big at dives of the time like the Monk’s Cave in Missoula, and they played the campus and frat row regularly.
    Dee was unforgettable, and with the band had a great r & b thing going on.

    There were tons of psychedelic bands. Two whose names I remember were Einstein Intersection and Cygnus; they might
    have been composed of some of the same members. A good friend of mine–still alive and in Missoula!–played with this
    bunch. An early 70s band whose name I remember was Sperry Grade; don’t know too much about them.

    Does the head shop “Joint Effort” still exist in Missoula? See if you can find some of the old hippies like Bob Stoianoff–
    he used to run the Effort, maybe still does. He could probably fill you in–consider this an anonymous tip:-)

    Up in Kalispell we had the usual bunch of 60s-era bands. A big one when I was in high school was The Mar-Kays. They
    later morphed into Meridian Road in the early 1970s; they were known in Missoula too, lived there for a while. Other
    Kalispell bands were The Shades of Gray and The Vestiges; friends played in these bands.

    Probably the band with the biggest buzz to come out of the 1970s in western MT was Mission Mountain Wood Band.
    There was a feature article on them too in the alumni publication at U of M about 10 years ago. Rob Quist of that band
    lives up near Creston outside Kalispell now; he and his family are active on the music scene. You should be able to
    pick up copies of their old one-and-only album, “In Without Knocking” out there. I found a copy a few years back in
    a used-album shop in the Twin Cities! Mission Mtn later morphed into The Montana Band following an apparent falling-out among the band members. T. Robinson was lead singer of that band I believe and they were on the road till the mid-80s.

    There was a place in the 60s in Kalispell called The Blue Hare where a lot of local, state and regional bands played, but it
    was such a violent incubator–big booze factor up there–it was almost not worth going to. Same for The Purple Hare in
    Missoula. I might have the colors in the names mixed up with the towns, etc. Bands like Merilee Rush & The Turnabouts
    (“Angel of the Morning”) and even the ‘real’ Eric Burdon and the Animals played there. I think Rush was a Pacific NW
    breakout of the time.

    For the 1970s you may have heard of The Big Sky Mudflaps; they were a great country swing band, and were around
    on into the 1980s and might still reunify now and then. Beth Lo was the singer and Msla scenester. During the punk era
    I had moved back up to Kalispell but I remember Missoula bands with names like Ernst Ernst and Who Killed Society?.

    There was a band in the early 1970s out there with a singer from Glendive who had a hit with “Hey Joe” that got picked
    up for the film “Joe” . Can’t remember the band name at all right now:-) Maybe it was what later became Rojo.

    Good luck with your project, and check the old papers at the U of M and the libraries there.

    • The band from Sidney was called the Rojo 5 led by 2 brothers Sam and I can’t remember his brother’s name. I was in Cygnus and we played horns with Einstein Intersection and did a lot of the the same gigs. My buddy Ric Richter was the bass player for Brown Sugar and Steve Kelly aka Big Daddy was the lead guitar. Back in the day my group..The Squires, had a dance hall here in Havre and used to have out of town bands play. One of the groups from the Kalispell area was the Gang Green. Some of those came to be Meridian Road.

  2. Charlie Brown was a San Francisco transplant. He lived with my friend Bob Gesell in Missoula. We helped him organize the first peace marches in Montana. We took him to Billings to put on a peace march there but the opposition was so strong we had to go back to Missoula. Charlie went back to San Francisco and eventually ran for City Commissioner in Berkley.

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