Out of Sight – Great Falls (1965-1968)

Out of Sight
 Out of Sight was together from 1965 to 1968.  Unfortunately, no professional recordings of the band were ever made. They have one reel to reel recording of a show with the recorder set up in the back of the hall, but according to Monte, “A few aren’t too bad…but not too great.”  The band played a lot of gigs and had a good following in western and west-central Montana.
The band have been reuniting for several days once a year for the last 18 years.  Roy Carpenter, who replaced Tom Anderson for a period of time, also attends their reunions. The band members live all over the country including Montana.  A few years ago, they made a recording of one of their original songs called “Cruisin’ the Drag.”

OUT OF SIGHT BUT IN FOCUS —Five old friends have emerged from different Great Falls bands to form the combo, “Out of Sight,” which is making the “in” rounds at Electric City activities.  The five, all sporting well groomed mop tops are on the lookout for new, weird and different sounds and lighting effects in their performances.  They are, first row from left, Dennis Lippert, Tom Anderson and Jacques Bordeleau, and, top from left, Jim Clayborn and Monte Dolack.  They wish Great Falls would promote its bands more as in other cities.

Out of Sight performing at the 1967 talent show at Great Falls High School.
To promote their shows, the band designed and silkscreened these amazing posters by hand and put them up around town. Everyone in the band became a career visual artist.

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  1. I would be sure that Monte Dolack designed all these posters. Monte became quite a renowned artist and has his own gallery in Missoula.

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