The Three Young Men From Montana

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The Three Young Men From Montana

The Three Young Men began as part of the campus capers in 1958 at the university when Sigma Nu brothers Dick Riddle, Bob Ruby and Pat Fox started singing together as the Sigma Nu Trio.  After serving in the Korean War, the threesome began performing professionally in 1961, performing on the Playboy Club circuit and appearing on the Tonight Show and the Perry Como Show.  They recorded two successful albums on Columbia Records, appeared on the Johnny Carson Show nine times and was a regular act on the musical variety television show “Hootenanny.”

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Oneonta Star, March 27, 1961 Three Young Men Follow Four Lads

By Dorothy

Julius Monk who some years ago discovered four young men from Canada outfitted them in plaid jackets and bow ties and called them The Four Lads is launching another group of singers at his Downstairs at the stairs These are a trio of looking fraternity brothers from the University of Montana and he calls them The Three Young Men To be more specific they’re Dick Riddle Bob Ruby and Pat Fox.


Singers, Period!


The Retort, April 24, 1964

Singers, Period!

The Montana Men Claim Big Sky Land

By James B. McGovern

The Montana Men, a singing trio formerly known as the Three Young Men From Montana, took time out to charm Eastern Montana College students March 12.

Bob Ruby, 27, and Pat Fox, 28, both originally of Hardin, appeared at an afternoon Coke ‘n Combo in the Snack Bar of Rimrock Hall. Ruby talked and joked with a student group of several hundred, while Fox added his “two-bits worth” every so often.

Afterward they chatted with former schoolmates, English Instructor Emil Ponich, Mrs. Farrell Stewart, of Public Relations, and other friends.

Riddle Peps B Team

Simultaneously, Dick Riddle, 27, the third member of the group, originally of Libby, gave a pep talk to the Ronan Basketball Team, then playing in the State Class B Basketball Tournament in the Physical Education Building.

The group was formed while the three attended Montana State University during 1960. Ruby said “We’re not Folk Singers, as some people think, but we’re Period Singers . . . that is singers, period.”

65 Song Repertoire

This is apparent by the variety of their approximate 65 songs “ready to go,” although they do have a definite uniqueness about their singing style.

Since the men started to sing, they have had several television appearances including those on the “Tonight Show,” the “Today Show,” and “The Week That Was.” On March 25, they appeared on a Billings TV station on “The Hootenanny.” They were seen again on the “Tonight Show” April 19.

Recorded Two Albums

They have recorded two albums and two singles. Ruby says another album will be recorded “before summer’s end.” Although the Montana Men still claim the Big Sky Country as “home,” New York City is now their home base.


Billings Gazette –  August 2, 1963

Three Young Men Get Command

GREAT FALLS  –The Three Young Men from Montana vocal trio now playing at the State Fair here will give a command performance in Washington at the request of Mrs. Robert F Kennedy wife of the attorney general. The trio will present a minute concert for young diplomats and executives in the State Department Auditorium Sept 27. Mrs. Kennedy extended the in- to the three Montanans after seeing them appear recently on a television show The Three Young Men who formed the trio while students at Montana State University in Missoula are Pat Fox of Hardin Dick Riddle of Libby and Bob Ruby of Billings.


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