MADD and the HATTERS (Glendive)


Montana's best

Montana’s Best

Madd Hatters

By Mrs. R. C. Hurd

Special for the Gazette  – May 21st 1967

GLENDIVE      — They didn’t burn down the school to start their band, but the band did start because the school burned down.  That’s what Tom Healy and Dennis Granlie, spokesman for the Glendive teen-agers band, MADD and the HATTERS, say.

The band won an all-expense jet trip to Boston, where they will compete the week of July 4 in the national “Battle of the Bands” sponsored by Jaycees.

They won the trip by placing first in the statewide Jacee sponsored “Battle of the Bands” contest in Helena May 13th.  They competed with eight other bands, including bands from Helena and Billings.

The-six member band started when fire destroyed a portion of Dawson County High School Feb. 4, 1966.  The high school band instruments were rescued from the burning building and a place had to be found to store them.

Band members Mike Vincent, Healy, Granlie and David Aure borrowed the drums and stored them in the basement at Mike’s home.  They had time off from school until classes were rescheduled, so they held a jam session.

Aure and Granlie brought their guitars and an amplifier.  Mike played the drums.  Tom Hurning, not a band member, joined them and played the bass guitar.  Healy played the saxaphone and led the singing, using a makeshift public address system.

They liked what they heard and found they liked playing and singing together.  They practiced that way until the middle of April, when they were joined by Ray Henderson, who plays the drums.  Mike switched to the organ.

Their first engagement was a dance at Terry, April 29.  Was this winter?  It was in this case.  They had an engagement to play for the high school prom at Glasgow.  The worst snow storm of the year forced them to stop at Circle.

While they did not get much money for engagements when they started out, they are doing well now.  They have equipment of their own valued at $7,000.  They pay rent on a space in downtown Glendive where they store their instruments and practice.

They have had help and encouragement from their parents and from organizations from the beginning.  When they needed extra equipment they borrowed from two local bands, The Sands of Time and The Sounds of Eternity.  A business firm in which Tom’s father is a partner has loaned them a van for hauling their equipment.  They are sponsored by the Jaycees.

They have tried to develop a style of their own, striving for a variety in their selections.  They play English rock, rhythm and blues, soul music and popular music.  They say the “Madd” in the name suggests the style of music and showmanship.

Granlie, Aure and Healy are freshman at Dawson College.  Vincent is a freshman at MSU in Bozeman.  He manages to play with them about every three weeks.  When he does, he helps Healy with the lead vocal.  Hurning and Henderson are students at Dawson County High School.

They plan to stay together one more year.

Madd and the Hatters got a royal welcome when they returned to Glendive from the contest in Helena.  They reached Glendive at 10 p.m. and were met at the outskirts of town by 50 cars driven by Glendive residents with and escort of highway patrol officers and the local police.  The cortege wound through downtown Glendive serenading the boys with blaring auto horns.

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