Blackfoot Boogie (1977)

Blackfoot Boogie

Blackfoot Boogie

‘Blackfoot Boogie’ irks Fish and Game – Independent Record – August 2, 1977

Missoula (AP) – The Montana Fish and Game Department has found out that the permit it awarded for a high school reunion really authorized the “Blackfoot Boogie” — a rock concert and beer bash.

Organizers of t he “Blackfoot Boogie” had asked officials at the department’s Missoula office for a permit to hold a combined Hellgate and Sentinel High School 10-year reunion.  The request said that about 400 people were expected to attend the affair at

Harper’s Lake some 40 miles northeast of Missoula Saturday.

Between 1,000 and 1,500 persons showed up.

“They got a good one in on us,” Tom Greenwood of the Missoula office said.

Greenwood said that Bill Stoianoff, owner of the Joint Effort, a Missoula business, and another organizer paid the necessary $50 for the permit.  Greenwood was not in the office at the time.  His secretary handled the permit routinely by sending it to state Fish and Game officials in Helena.  The headquarters also handled the permit routinely and approved it.

Greenwood said that by the weekend, he had heard rumors about the true nature of the affair.  Sheriff’s deputies were sent to the scene to observe the event.  Greenwood said that Stoianoff was found at the lake and was asked to pay another $250.  “I told him not to expect it back,” Greenwood said Monday.

He admitted that party-goers were generally well-behaved and did little if any permanent damage to the area.  He said that organizers and others “did a hell of a job cleaning up afterwards,” and speculated that the site might have been cleaner after the party than it was previously.

Greenwood said, however, that if organizers had been open in requesting their permit, they probably would not have been allowed to have the party at the lake, because of high fire danger in the area.

The “Blackfoot Boogie” was a song written by Tiny Stokes in the 1950s.  Have a listen :  Tiny Stokes – Blackfoot Boogie


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  1. Everything was a joint effort in Missoula Montana in the good ole daze….Uncle Bill never dropped the ball and shared with all…we had a very good life…because people were so very good to each other.

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