The Beauregard Mansion (Billings) 1968

Dave Weyer

“How To Cut A Hit In Billings Or, Look For A Californian” – The Retort (Billings)  Published April 19, 1968          26000845406_ece1f5653c_k

What do you do when you want to put out a hit record and the nearest recording studio is 500 miles away?  Import, baby, and that is precisely what local recording group, the Beauregard Mansion, is doing to produce their new single to be released soon in a five-state area.

The first step in putting out a pop platter is to write a song, the Mansion’s co-songwriter, Dave Weyer, dutifully assures a reporter.  Then, he says, send Form E to Washington, D.C., and grab a copyright before anybody else scoops the royalties.  Next comes the recording sessions, the all-night lessons in frustration.

Before a groovy, black record can be produced, a tape recording of four different tracks must be whipped up.  The initial step is to hire a recording technician and his $12,000 worth of electrical equipment and set them both on the floor of an empty warehouse.  The Mansion has Joe Kessler, an associate for Montana representing Century Custom Recording in California.  Kessler, who lives in Billings, does the recording for Montana University system and until now, never has done recording for a “bunch of nuts like the Mansion.”

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One Comment on “The Beauregard Mansion (Billings) 1968

  1. Nice sleuthing, Dave. This is a good move to show whatever documents remain of these and other years in Montana rock. It’s music’s memory project, and this is a fine example. Thanks for doing it.

    Now that you’ve put this example out there, you’ve jogged my memory about the story. I was on the student newspaper Retort staff then, moving from The Fugitives and The Frantics to local gigs here and there. The Mansion was doing great work, and we all knew it. –Ed McLuskie

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